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A multi-faceted online learning platform connecting students and learners with tutors through 1-on-1 and group live lessons.

Bryt At A Glance

An easy to use, efficient and personalised experience online tutoring platform for students.

Our Solution

Lessons conducted through video calls. Whiteboard and screensharing available

Open Marketplace

Tutors set their own price per hour for the subjects they teach and students can set their own budget.

Virtual Classes

One to one and one to many (group) lessons available

Getting Started With Bryt

BRYT Knowledge operates an open marketplace for learners and tutors. It’s so easy to get started and use the application.

Sign Up

Create a student or tutor account in just a few seconds. Setting up your account is free.

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Make or receive a request

BRYT Knowledge brings the personal feel of a physical class online. Go ahead, book or receive your first of many requests.

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Try it out

Experience the platform. Enjoy the live class experience with all the essential functionalities you may need.

Whiteboard Group / Individual Lessons